Why Wisconsin PoWer?

Our goal in this club is to raise the level of volleyball in the area to a point it has never been before. We began in Madison with 5 teams in 1999, and we are now in 8 cities training hundreds of athletes at every level. Our top teams will compete against some of the elite club programs in the country, and that will help our players continue to get better and better.

We started in Madison and now want more and more athletes to come and be part of something exciting. Whether you're a small player or tall player you can still make a big difference. If you work hard and have a passion for the game then this is the club you'll want to be part of. The brand name "Wisconsin PoWer" has gained the respect of clubs and coaches across the country. If you know that commitment to a great club can bring high dividends in the future, then Wisconsin PoWer is for you. Don't compare clubs by cost, make your decision based on which club will make you the best player you can be.

Let's make Wisconsin PoWer the #1 club in Wisconsin!